It is very important to read these rules carefully and make sure that you follow them at all times. Failure to do so will result in your account being deleted from the game and even a permanent ban.
  • No player may have more than one account. This includes the message forum as well as the game. In the event that you create an account with the wrong e-mail address then you MUST inform an admin, before trying to create a new one.
  • You may only log into your own account, and no-one elses.
  • You may not create an account on behalf of someone else.
  • You may not access anyone else's account for any reason.
  • Your empire name must be appropriate for ALL ages, this include, but is not limited to: references to genitalia, drugs, and religion. By religious messages, you are permitted to have religious references in your name, however your name cannot impose your religious ideas upon other people.
  • Any bugs in the system cannot be used to give yourself an advantage over others (i.e. abusing a bug). Any bug that is found in the system must be reported immediately. If we find an account with a bug that has not been reported, we will assume you are abusing it and your account will be deleted.
  • In the game or on the forum, the use of inappropriate language or material will not be tolerated, and will result in a warning or a ban.
  • You are not allowed to post any details of another player (i.e. their sector) on the public forum.
  • Abusing (spamming) the message system, forums or IRC is NOT allowed.
  • Advertising (i.e. other game websites) is not allowed on the public forums, IRC, or in-game.
  • Deleting and creating accounts in order to get into a specific sector is not allowed, and will result in being banned.
  • Mass messages or any other manifestation of 'Spamming' Is not allowed
  • Any other abusive methods to gain advantages are strictly forbidden
  • We don't object to tools being used, as long as they're available to everyone. We also understand this can be a bit of a sticky area, we advise you to consult with an admin before constructing anything of this nature so we can advise you. If you do not and we deem it abusive we will ask you to stop. No matter what the admins have the last say on this matter


The rules regarding accessing only one account are rigorously enforced. As it says on the sign up page, we operate a ZERO tolerance policy for people using more than one account. Anyone who appears to be accessing more than one account will be deleted without question and without any chance of that account being reinstated.
  • We recommend that you never use a public or shared computer to play Star-Fury.
  • Do NOT use the same computer for your mate to login straight after you.
  • Do NOT login for friends as they cannot login at the time.
  • If you have to share computers you must leave at least an hour between your log out and the next persons login. This gives no guarantee that you will not be detected as logging into more than one account, however it gives you a lot more chance of being able to share a computer system with another player and both survive the round without being deleted.
  • In addition, you could play at completely different times of day. One of you could always play in the morning and one in the evening.

Above all, please remember. We would NEVER do anything that would make you appear to be accessing more than one account. You are the ONLY person that can control how you access the game. If your account is deleted for this then you have done something to make it appear as though you are accessing multiple accounts. Blaming the administrators for deleting you will not achieve anything. Accept responsibility for YOUR actions and realize that it was YOU that made yourself look as though you were playing on multiple accounts. We simply obliged you and treated you like a 'multi' going by the evidence available to us. We reserve the right to alter these rules without prior notification. If you have any issues or queries about any of our rules please leave a post in our forums and someone will reply shortly